This page contains information and resources for students. It includes reports, research and a range of other materials and good information. These may also be found on the ‘parents’ or ‘teachers’ pages if they are also relevant to these groups. If you have any questions or if you’re looking for information on a particular issue or topic which you can’t find here, please contact us.

Coming Out / Inviting In (Factsheet)

Like many words and terms, “Coming Out” means different things to different people. It generally means telling other people about your gender identity or sexuality. It can mean realising you are attracted to people of the same sex, perhaps calling yourself gay, lesbian or bisexual, and deciding to tell some people in your life. It…


Gender Is Not Uniform (PDF)

Gender is Not Uniform is a campaign from Safe Schools Coalition Victoria aimed at supporting gender diversity in schools through inclusive uniforms and challenging transphobia. While most students will have never considered their own gender identity, there are a growing number of young people taking steps to express gender identity in ways that may differ from…


Growing Up Queer (Research)

Twenty10 along with partners The University of Western Sydney and The Young and Well CRC recently released ‘Growing Up Queer: Issues Facing Young Australians Who are Gender Variant and Sexuality Diverse’. A new study has found that 16% of young people who identify as Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Intersex or Queer (LGBTIQ) have attempted suicide and…